Financial Resource Management

VISON's Financial Management System

VISON's Financial Accounting System is made as per the unique requirements of an educational institution, facilitating the exercising of better control over its fiscal resources. It includes Accountwise ledger, Cashbook, Bank Book, Journal Ledger, Periodic/Annual closing of accounts, Budgeting and Printing of various accounting reports etc.

The various heads under the Account module are voucher, area, account head, account type and capital account profit ratio. This facilitates the creation of different account heads and manages all the accounting deeds.

Key Features

  • Ledger Head Creator In Account Using user can create the account under the head master.
  • General Ledger User was created under GL group told general ledger. Users can get every general Ledger statement after the transaction
  • Cheque register User can maintain a post-dated cheque register and after clearing the cheque the register automatic did the work
  • Cash Book Cashbook is a show to users how much income and expenditure threw by cash
  • Day Book User can maintain per cash register, cheque register, transfer register in on daybook
  • Transaction Screen Only one screen form to the user can operate the whole accounting. Cash transaction, transfers transaction, cheque detail, and demand draft detail, student fee detail, balance detail of each type of account, some special effect in student Ledger
  • Transfer Book User can maintain every type of transfer to the account
  • Fund Flow User can maintain the cheque detail in the fund register. The whole day user can receive allots of cheques and issue the cheque so maintain the detail of summary
  • Cash Flow User can maintain the cash detail in the fund register. The whole day user can receive allots of cash and issue the cash so maintain the detail of summary
  • Income & Expense User can maintain the per day income and expense
  • Balance Sheet User can maintain the per-day balance sheet