Visitor Management System

VISON's Visitor Management System - VMS

VMS is software for enhancing the security of the premises by controlling and tracking visitors to the premises. It has several different modules. The functionality varies from simple issuing of a gate pass with a picture of the visitor to a complete process flow to get authorization from the employee to be visited, duration of visit, controlling areas of the visit, and time taken to travel to the gate, complete report generation, enquiry of visitors visited in the past and messaging.

Key Features

  • Identity Card
  • Visitor Gate Pass
  • Foreign Visitor Gate Pass
  • Vehicle Gate Pass
  • Employee ID Card
  • Material Gate Pass - Additional Passes for Driver & Cleaner

Additional Features

The following features can be integrated with VMS:

  • Web Cam
  • Finger Print Storage (Bio-Matric)
  • Bar code integration
  • RFID Tags