VISON Software Solutions has the expertise and experience in managing extended teams with highly complex research groups. VISON Software Solutions handles the proper identification of S&T and Research as well as management processes, including negotiations, project management and business meetings. We also handle the evaluation of unique technologies and services combined with research advisory services.


VISON Software Solutions has established research organizations throughout India. VISON Software Solutions provides a variety of R&D offerings and services, including technical assessment, rapid prototyping, technology sourcing and R&D outsourcing.

Technical Assessment

Analysis and assessment focusing on best-of-breed solutions and architecture. VISON Software Solutions identifies specific Indian R&D institutes, which have relevant expertise leveraging their expertise in technical assessment studies.

Rapid Prototyping

VISON Software Solutions provides elaborate demonstrations of proposed user interfaces, architecture and system design to solve specific business problems. Prototypes can serve as the groundwork for the implementation of a complete and scalable solution. It could also be utilized for building business cases for the proposed solution.

R&D with unique expertise

VISON Software Solutions is involved in the development of innovative and complex services and software through sophisticated research initiatives with unique expertise and collaboration with our R&D partners. We can arrange for R&D work to be carried out in high-calibre scientific and research institutions throughout India, under managed framework and supervision.