Human Resource Management

Payroll and HR Solution

HRMS is a comprehensive Hr software solution that comes integrated with Payroll features for flawless management of Human resources across the enterprise. Proper HR database management is crucial to the success of any organization and our software for HR has all the features/functionalities that help you manage your organization in an optimum way to increase its productivity.

Key Features

HRMS's rich features empower the HR department to interact and manage, scrutinize and guide its employees towards the organization's goals in a cost-effective manner. Following are its key features:

  • Complete data on every employee from, hire-to-retire
  • Highly configurable salary structure with the facility to create multiple salary structures for different grades
  • Real-time interaction between payroll and HR
  • Secured salary processing and distribution
  • Complete employee management

Functional Modules of HRMS

Organizations grow in size and so do the numbers of employees. This increases the workload on the HR department and makes employee management a complex and time-consuming job. HRMS with its multi-module structure overcomes this problem by automating the entire HR setup in your organization.

Following are its different modules and their functions:

  • Employee Management- Eliminates duplication of data entry, stores all details of employees and retrieves required information, whenever needed with the facility to edit and update information on any employee, at the click of buttons.
  • Attendance Management- Assigns and manages attendance and shifts of all the employees. The HR department can monitor employee's compliance with attendance regulations
  • Leave Management- Eases the Leave management task of HR by eliminating paperwork. The applicants can track their leave approvals and HR can maintain Leave records of individuals in the organization
  • Loan Management Makes loan management a simple task for HR. The human resource manager can view loan applications, their status, interest entries made against the loan accounts of employees, deductions done from salaries and other details
  • Payroll Management- Enables HR to timely distribute salaries to employees and simplifies the payroll structure, which employees can easily understand
  • Tour Management- Allows employees to plan their tours, seek necessary approvals and claim tour expenses, through a series of in-built processes
  • Compliance Management- Ensures compliance with Government taxation regulations like TDS, PF, ESI, LP and LWF

How does HRMS Leverage Your HR Department?

HRMS is configurable software for HR and its user-friendly features make it indispensable to the HR department. It leverages your HR department in the following ways:

  • Reduces or eliminates paperwork
  • Improves HR-employee interaction
  • Eliminates employee data /record entry duplication, which saves time and speeds up the entire Human resource management cycle within the organization
  • Streamlines and controls all the HR functions so that management accesses, updates, edits and shares employee's details with minimal interference in their work environment
  • The web-based Employee Self Service (ESS) feature gives the employees greater control over their records like leaves, salary details, etc
  • Automates the entire HR setup and eliminates manual processes to speed up the entire system and gives HR personnel more time to train and develop employees
  • Comes with high-security data access features and well-defined user roles that can be configured according to organizational needs
  • Generates extensive reports on various HR and exports them so that stakeholders stay informed
  • HRMS has many happy clients and they come from different industry verticals like manufacturing and processing, Chemicals, Mining, Hospitality, Education, Retail, etc.